Behold the Power of Data…Delivered by the Right Panel Solution

This is how the marriage of data and technology help businesses succeed: The Right Technology + High Quality, Actionable Data  + Trustworthy Market Claims = Happier Customers and Bigger Revenues.

Recently, Sprint announced their latest quarterly earnings surpassed all expectations—thanks in large part to big pickups in postpaid subscriptions and significantly reduced churn. So what led to the sudden uptick in Sprint’s business?

As Fierce Wireless notes, “The company saw the highest number of postpaid ports in its history, indicating the aggressive 50 percent-off campaign it launched in mid-November was effective during the critical holiday season. Sprint’s churn was 1.62 percent, down 68 basis points from the year-ago period and marking its best year-over-year improvement in 12 years.”

That successful ad campaign and pricing strategy wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the power of the data delivered by the right mobile panel solution. As noted in our earlier blog post, by leveraging a large-scale, carefully curated, passively metered mobile panel over an extended period of time, Sprint gained unique insights about how to maximally differentiate its products and services, and successfully communicate that differentiation to its target customers.

This is the essence of the insights business–using the best methods and technology available, to generate the highest quality and most relevant data possible, resulting in happier customers and immediate ROI.

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