Food Delivery Wars – What Instagram Ad Exposures Reveal To Us

Food Delivery Wars – What Instagram Ad Exposures reveal to us

The stay at home orders across the US are causing more people to rely on food delivery apps. At Embee, thanks to our large panel, we have a vantage view of not only app usage trends, but also of deterministic* brand ad exposures within certain apps.

Here’s a chart, hopefully informative, with our interpretations of it.

“Ad Exposure” – Is the percentage of measured Embee Panelists that used Instagram on a given day who were exposed to a branded ad the same day

Take aways

  • PostMates, HelloFresh and UberEats are the largest spenders on Instagram; roughly about the same
  • The overall ad spend in the sector increased in the last three weeks
  • Grubhub appears to have entirely stopped running Instagram Ads as of 7/2. This coincides with Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney’s public note on Instagram about taking corporate actions in context of #BLM.
  • DoorDash raised $400M on 6/18. Looks like they’ve put some that money to work, and stepped on the gas since 6/30.
  • PostMates went on a binge between 6/26 and 6/29, exactly a week before it got taken out by Uber Eats for $2.65B on 7/6. Clever!
  • Both PostMates and UberEats appear to have briefly pulled ads from Facebook on 6/30 (amongst hundreds of other brands as reported by CNN) and changed their mind on 7/1..perhaps as response to competition in form of DoorDash’s increased spend the same day.

Stay tuned. Next up, we’ll keep you posted on the efficacy of these ads.

* These are direct measurements from our first-party mobile panel. Embee’s data is not probabilistic or modeled, and our solution does not rely on 3rd party tracking cookies or other external data sources. In a soon-to-be cookieless world, Embee’s first-party mobile behavioral panel makes it possible for brand marketers to understand how their ads are performing.