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Our clients hear us talk a lot about the importance of taking a mobile-first approach to their media and market strategies. Most of them get it, and many of them have already adopted mobile-first strategies. For clients and others reluctant to jump in on this with us, here are a few reasons why mobile-first is critical to building consumer engagement today:

  1. Mobile enables companies and brands to make the shift from market research to consumer intelligence and from mass marketing to mass personalization. Mobile penetration and growth is undeniable*:
  • There are nearly 150M smartphone users and 75M tablet users in U.S. alone
  • According to comScore, mobile is the number one screen for digital media engagement
  • Nearly 60% of all digital time spent in the U.S. is on mobile
  • Mobile video views are up 133% year-over-year
  • The average user interacts with their phone more than 1,500 times a week
  1. Mobile is the single best way to connect to buyers on personal and local levels, and enables unparalleled intelligence about user behavior and habits. Used more and more to collect behavioral data in near-real-time—habits, location, shopping experiences, hobbies—mobile is quickly becoming the ultimate data collection tool. Add wearables, cameras and other emerging technologies into the mix, and you can start accurately predicting future consumer intentions and brand associations.
  1. Tracking limitations—from the death of the cookie and PC abandonment—have put a stake through the heart of what was once common measurement currency. The mobile browser is also on the decline–people spend 88% of their mobile Internet time interacting with apps.
  1. Companies and brands need to understand the mobile user contextually (e.g., location, situation, preferences, or emotions) in the ‘right’ moment, but they also need consistent insights gleaned over time to know how to best approach those users. Mobile and app technologies deliver this true longitudinal awareness far better than any other medium.

Embee embraces the mobile-first strategy. While others have invested heavily in PC-based infrastructure, we’ve built a 100% mobile-focused technology platform. As a result, we don’t have to re-purpose our tools, and we’re not dependent on desktop/cookie methodologies to generate insights.

It’s never been easier to “build an app.” Equally, it’s never been more difficult to gain adoption for one. Simply put, marketers and brands need a mobile-first strategy to fully engage with their users and get true longitudinal insights that drive their business outcomes.

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*Stats sourcing: comScore, eMarketer, Ooyala, Tecmark

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