Introducing Audiences — Detailed targeting through ResearchDesk™

ResearchDesk™ enhanced its targeting capabilities with Audiences.

ResearchDesk™ allows clients to launch surveys to Embee Mobile’s panel of mobile users. Audiences allows clients to target specific groups of panelists, as well as age/gender and behaviour characteristics.
Selecting custom audiences

Now, clients can:

  • Recontact: send a survey to panelists who completed a previous study
  • Follow-up: send a survey to panelists who you have explicitly chosen from the completes of one or more studies
  • Advertising Effectiveness: ResearchDesk™ can match panelists by a list of advertising IDs provided by you, to create an exposed audience and an unexposed audience
  • Targeting by POI: ResearchDesk™ can identify panelist groups who have visited specific POIs for targeting
  • Survey Extension: launch a new survey to extend a previous survey, by ensuring that no-one who has taken your survey before will take it again
  • Throttling: create a slow response to a survey by slowly increasing an audience over time
  • Tracking Studies: create a continuous survey, in which panelists are banned from taking a survey more than once in any given time period
  • Complex targeting: An Audience can be created from any combination of behavioral and demographic data

How is it done?

To create an audience, speak with your Client Success representative. They will create an audience for you, and you can select it from the Audience page on the Target tab when setting up your survey.