Longitudinal Insights Matter: Sprint Leverages Panel Metrics to Measure Performance

As brands and marketers seek deeper engagement with their customers, they’re turning to long-term measurement to make truly validated marketing claims—claims only possible through longitudinal insights generated by curated mobile panels.

For example, in recent press release Sprint praised the use of large, passively metered mobile panels to gather people-centric data and measurements about the quality of network performance over a period of a year.  From Sprint CTO John Saw:

“One metric we follow closely at Sprint is the Nielsen Mobile Performance (NMP) data which looks at how real consumers are using their wireless devices. NMP is crowd sourced data that measures network performance under actual user demand, whereas other data sources measure a network’s performance capability via stress testing like speed tests.

Every week Nielsen analyzes network performance data from tens of thousands of consumer panelists using Android devices recruited in 44 of the largest U.S. markets. Nielsen uses crowd-sourced data to measure consumers’ use of common applications such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Based on Nielsen’s crowd-sourced data, Sprint’s application download speeds for all file sizes have now surpassed Verizon and AT&T, with significant gains made starting in July when our deployment of two-channel 2.5GHz carrier aggregation began taking hold.”

Only panel data, derived over time, enables the kind of understanding about individual consumers so critical to long term, targeted marketing. Embee can help you build longitudinal mobile panels to deliver unparalleled insights to drive your business decisions. Let us know what you’re up against—we can help.