Mobile is Key to Connected Communities

People consume media and interact with brands in hundreds of ways each day. As the research industry tries to uncover path to purchase or brand affiliation, we still struggle with the most basic of questions:

  • How do I find the right people?
  • On which device do I connect with them?
  • When do I ask them about ad recall?

We know brand marketers want fast, concrete insights from buyers that matter, and that accuracy, quality and speed have never been more important. In our industry, there are hundreds of sample providers, recruitment channels and panel platforms, but what’s missing is the glue.

We need to build better connected insight communities.

Connecting marketers with high value insight communities across all devices, platforms and segments opens vast new possibilities for fusing data from single-source panelists from one device to another. So how do we get there?

It starts with mobile.

Mobile is the key to building connected communities. Mobile is overtaking other media channels, with consumers more reliant upon their mobile devices than ever*:

  • The MR industry had $40BN in revenue in 2014, with mobile contributing about 8%
  • About 30% of online surveys are completed on mobile devices, not because media research companies are mobile ready, but because people use mobile as their primary device for email and web browsing
  • There are nearly 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, but growth is slowing and developed markets are saturated
  • For the first time ever, mobile apps overtook PC Internet usage in the U.S., as nearly 50% of Americans used mobile apps to access the Internet
  • Consumers are making buying decisions on mobile. For example, more than half of all UK retail websites visits were made via mobile, with 36% of sales completed on a smartphone or tablet

In terms of mobile connectivity, everything that’s happening right now offers only a tiny glimpse of what’s to come.

In the next 3 years, people will have one “magic wand” device to access and manage their personal data, content, connections, brand affiliations and more. Even more importantly, no one will be limited to a mobile device—any screen we touch will be an entry point, whether in the car, at home, or on our wrists.

Wireless connectivity, cloud options and single sign-ons will be integrated in more devices and gadgets, driving new implications for the way the research industry derives insights. Understanding when and where people interact with a brand is the secret sauce to delivering true insights and optimized experiences.

So in the end, success in garnering insights on mobile devices won’t simply be about shorter surveys, recruiting new audiences, or enhancing panel sample quality—it will be about building mobile connected communities that provide continuous, real-time insights.

And just like in the everyday world, successful insight communities will be built upon the ability to deliver the four C’s:

  • Choice: What apps to install, which survey to complete, what offer to take
  • Convenience: When and what device to use to fill in the survey
  • Compensation: Rewards in both material and user experience
  • Customization and personalization: I don’t want to be invite to surveys that I do not qualify for, nor do I want to be asked about brands I do not affiliate with

Brands and researchers who build those mobile connected communities and deliver on the four C’s will be best positioned to deliver the unique insights their clients need. We can help you get there.


*Data sources include ESOMAR,GSMA, comScore, Guardian