ResearchDesk™ is the tool for rapid data-driven insights combining a high quality mobile panel with flexible survey and best-in-class behavioral measurement.

ResearchDesk™ enables researchers to access a gold-standard, mobile-first, fully opted-in and privacy compliance panel of highly engaged users. With very low churn and high engagement from panelists, coupled with continuous behavioral mobile measurement of app, web, location and in-app media consumption, ResearchDeskTM allows you to target surveys and correlate responses to actual behavior.

ResearchDesk Key Features

ResearchDesk™ is fast, flexible and financeable.

ResearchDesk™ is available 24/7 though the online portal, allowing surveys to be launched in minutes.
Use your own survey platform so you can have complete control of the survey performance during fielding from your computer or phone. Just write your survey in a platform of your choice, and use the guides within ResearchDesk™ to get it to our respondents.
Or write a survey on our platform.
ResearchDesk™ fits any budget. You can Name your price for a survey, and your survey will compete for panelists’ eyeballs based on the bid price. Speed the survey up by increasing the bid, or slow it down by decreasing it.

ResearchDesk™ has the power to expose the nuts and bolts, or be simple to use.

ResearchDesk™ can be used for hundreds of uses from vanilla surveys, deep behaviorally-targeted surveys, advertising effectiveness studies, location-based surveys, tracking studies to new user feedback.

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