We connect brands to the people that matter for true longitudinal, high value insights and a comprehensive understanding of your customers.

We target, recruit and qualify only the users that matter, launching high value panels in weeks, not months.
Our technology and processes enable us to quickly build and launch qualified panels of any size—eliminating the need to manage multiple recruitment partners and channels or worry about conversion rates.

We integrate your technologies for customized, passive tracking and metering.
No need for complex application development and infrastructure—simply define your requirements and let us generate targeted audience segments. Integrate your API/SDK, and leverage a flexible platform and suite of customizable data-gathering modules for real-time data.

We incentivize and reward—all within the app—to build longer-term panelist engagement.
No need to engage rewards vendors or deal with complex integration of third-party rewards systems. We deliver it all in a native mobile environment, with a secure, transparent, trustworthy experience for the user.

We provide continuous panel management—all you see are the results.
We put an end to churn, fraud, poor quality and increased consts for continual recruitment and replenishment.


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