Utilize Programmatic Sampling to access one of the largest mobile audience panels in the U.S.

With a simple API integration you can gain access to hundreds of thousands of highly engaged, opt-in and fully privacy compliant users, representative to the US smartphone population and with many demographic and social profile data points you can target by.

This gold standard panel is enriched by multiple points of behavioral data to create a unique and unprecedented source for audience selection, best in class data and provide you with superior advantage over your competitors.

Programmatic sampling eliminates many of the cumbersome and time-consuming manual tasks of sourcing a high quality respondents.

Real-time sampling for mobile surveys

Intelligent cost estimation models

Automate the process of buying sample

High response rates

Gold standard panel quality

Embee Panel is 100% mobile-first. All participants have the Embee app installed and are highly engaged.

Our technology recruits, rewards and measures, collecting demographic, behavioral and performance data, all within a single app. Combined with active and passive data-gathering modules and a flexible platform to incorporate your own technologies and API/SDK, you get the panelists and data you need quickly and cost-effectively.