Use first-party behavioral data to deepen your understanding of your customers

Get the reach and frequency of any mobile app or website, coupled with the app session characteristics, such as duration and incidence.

Benefits of Syndicated Behavioral Data:

1. Scale, Speed and Cost Efficiencies
Instant access to mobile audience data from one of the largest proprietary, longitudinal mobile panels—providing never-before seen depth and scale of understanding of the consumer trends and attitudes.

2. Identify Audience and Market Trends
Be one of the first to understand any alteration in consumer behavior, shifts from one tendency to another or simply change in opinion, advocacy or mood.

3. Get Competitive Intelligence
Understand where and how to position your Brand, what your potential customers like and do, how best to engage with them and where. Glean real view as to how your competitors are performing and capturing audiences.

Capture the complete mobile customer journey.
With the complete mobile experience, coupled with location measurement for the physical component of the journey, you can identify and statistically validate the entire path to purchase, path to app discovery, usage and referrers to apps.

The most detailed tool for advertising effectiveness.
With multiple ways to measure exposure and reaction, depending on project specifics, EmbeeCapture allows sizeable projects to measure and use cross screen exposure, forced exposure or URL tokens; coupled with app and browser usage or physical location reactions.

Ask active feedback correlated with passive measurement.
Define interesting users, or A/B testing groups, from within our fully opt-in and privacy complaint panel from their behavioral data and ask for their active feedback. We typically experience very high response rates, so even low incidence behaviors can be qualitatively enhanced.

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