Mobile audience measurement presenting opportunities limited only by your imagination

EmbeeCapture is ground-breaking proprietary measurement technology providing comprehensive insights on usage, clickstream, location and much more. In many cases, this technology enables the capture of data never before possible in any large scale, independently measured and over-the-air deployable.

Embee eliminates the roadblocks of disparate tools and technologies and costly internal and external resources through consolidated, flexible native app technology that aligns panel creation, management and data acquisition seamlessly under one roof.

Most importantly, EmbeeCapture is safe and secure for our panelists. We do not use any type of VPN or any other type of interception technology, and all data is encrypted with proprietary methods to keep it safe from those who might seek to intercept it. At Embee, our panelists are always anonymous, their data is always secure, and their privacy is always fully protected.

In-app data, clickstream, path to purchase

Embedded incentive and redemption functionality

Device functions and usages, i.e., camera, contacts, dialer, charging behavior, battery, CPU

Device events such as location/GPS triggers

In-app survey capabilities

Ad exposure tracking and measurement (including in-app ads)

App and web usage

Flexible, full-stack, single-source app technology

Our technology recruits, rewards and measures, collecting demographic and usage data, all within a single app. Use our technology alone or combine it with your own technologies and API/SDK, you get the panelists and data you need quickly and cost-effectively.