During the IIEX Behavior virtual conference, Alec Maki and Jenn Feltis from Bellomy presented an entirely new approach for constructing and running brand studies.

Utilizing single-source attitudinal and behavioral data from the Embee Mobile panel, Bellomy disrupted traditional brand tracking methodologies by exploring new data sources to go beyond what people say and to get closer to brand truth. Their innovative approach combines what people say, feel, and actually do.

For years the market research industry has been providing brand measures by relying on surveys as the only source of truth. However, we all know about the pitfalls of the survey methodology, and with that in mind, Bellomy asked this question:

How could we use behavioral data to inform insights and improve the quality of the traditional trackers?

View of people walking up a busy street

By utilizing the Embee Mobile Panel, Bellomy identified consumers that had actually visited the locations relevant to this research, as opposed to being solely reliant on self-reported data. Specifically, Bellomy utilized Embee’s data to target a survey to precisely those consumers that had visited one of three fast-food chicken restaurants in a recent time period.

From those survey participants, Bellomy gathered both self-reported feedback from the surveyed participants and also measured behavior from those same beyond just their visit to the specified restaurants.

charts comparing chick-a-fil, popeyes and kfc on survey responses to various attributes, showing chick-a-fil having the highest scores on every attribute

graphic showing uses of embee mobile panel including ad exposure, in-store and digital shopping


Somewhat unsurprisingly, by comparing the survey results to the behavioral data, what people say is not always what people actually do.

table showing that people's self-reported visitation does not correlate well with their actual correlation


Jenn summarized the results of the two sets of data, what people say vs. what people do:

What people say provides companies with brand attributes to reach to people’s hearts. While the behavioral data reveals that what people actually do is more focused on the brand’s battle for customer wallets.

So, the brand tracker isn’t really dead. Rather, with behavioral data, it’s just much better.

But what can you do now? Just follow the lead of Alec and Jenn and take the fresh approach afforded by Embee’s proprietary panel. You’ll gain unique, up-to-the-minute insights, data, and trends about consumer life—based on what those consumers actually do.

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