When subscription services partner with a carrier. Is it a good idea?

Embee Mobile has historical behavioral data on tens of thousands of US phone users that can be used to observe differential behavior between various cohorts.

An example of how this can be used is to observe the take up of subscription services where a cellular operator relationship has been instigated.

In this Use Case, we consider the relative success of the launch of two streaming services that launched with partnerships with cellphone carriers, to identify whether the relationship has been successful.

Chart showing mobile usage following launch of selected streaming services.

Disney+ and HBO Max launched with carrier partnership with Verizon and AT&T respectively. In a free report, we analyze how:

  • Customers of partner carriers are more likely to use streaming services
  • How the launch of Disney+, HBO Max and Peacock TV changed the mobile streaming landscape; and the potential impact of March’s launch of Paramount+

Similar analyses can be applied to any subscription market, such as games networks.

You can download the report at Partnering with Carriers for Success: Launching US Streaming Services.